Warm cider, Goldschlager and Salt Potatoes

When this all began I had a conversation with several people about the fact that one day the stroke would feel like a blip that happened some time in the past.  It kind of feels like that now.  Today is Christmas Eve; tomorrow is Christmas Day; in a week we head into a whole new year.  I shan’t forget the blip, nor pretend it didn’t happen, but I am not reminded about it daily any more, except by appointments or pills or people.

My friend has a Christmas tree that doesn’t have a topper, and I promised – just last week – to make one for it.  Today I did.  I’m sorry it’ll be a little late for Christmas 2010!  (Double click on – below- it if you really want to see.)

So now Christmas is ready.  Must be time for warm cider and Goldschlager and salt potatoes and nice cheese.  Or something.

xx Merry Christmas xx




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  1. Nora says:

    Merry Christmas and here’s to a healthy, peaceful and Happy New Year.

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