Break a Leg

Today was the annual family get together.  We aren’t usually all together at Christmas so, the first day we are all available after that we meet in the same spot, at the same time, every year, and eat in Chinatown.

This year was the same as any other, yet different.  It’s the first year I’ve gotten up and really appreciated that we are all still here.  It was also the first one without Helena, my brother’s recently-ex, who I missed.  But my dad said it was different because, I’m advised, I’m ‘more smiley‘ than I’ve been ‘in ages‘.  My bigger brother agreed.

Apparently I should take time off more often or, as my Dad put it, ““Can’t you break a leg or something next?



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  1. Claudia says:

    I remember the place! You took me there when I was still living in London. We had something with some kind of Chinese dumplins… It was yummy. Aren’t memories such a great gift (I do remember more than just the food :-)).

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