Just for the warfarin women…

I was hoping the MRI on Wednesday would show the artery is healed, allowing me to cut the 6 months on Warfarin to 3 – i.e. be done with it.  But the MRI is being rescheduled due to a trial muddle, and the neck has been hurting anyway (which it hasn’t before) so I suppose another two or three weeks won’t hurt before we scan it.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’m still on the Warfarin and dealing with the rubbish around that… like my hair is falling out again… luckily I’m the only one who can tell but I’ve had moments of wondering how much I’d need in each hairbrush before it’s potentially noticeable. And there are other things, which I’m about to talk about one last time.  To the women.

Remember the signs below?

Remember me predicting at least three men who would ignore it, and regret it?

Remember I was right, re all three chaps and on both counts?


This is a woman-only post, and it’s primarily for women who are doing the warfarin thing.  Anyone else, please have a stunning evening, and goodnight!

Yeah, ok, I know you’re reading… you don’t learn do you.  Ho hum.

So you may remember we set the doctors the job of working out how to eradicate the periodic issue that is exacerbated by warfarin.  The pill is the obvious thing but they don’t like giving you that if you’re trying to avoid clotting, because they increase the risk of DVTs – albeit minimally, but this isn’t the time to mess around with that particular issue.  But the GP was going to talk to the stroke doctor about possibilities of a progesterone only tablet: this is where having female GPs comes in useful in that you don’t have to explain much to be understood.  Though the fact that they remind you – quite literally every couple of weeks – that getting pregnant on warfarin is a terribly awful idea, along with the dual purpose of this particular medication, means its one they’ll got the extra mile and do a ring around to find out the options!

So the GP spoke to Dr D (from Hospital Number 3) and they decided that because my primary issue was the torn artery which is supposed to clot when torn, and I’m on warfarin anyway which minimises the DVT risk, that they could live with prescribing a new progesterone only pill: Cerazette.  (This is one of those points where I wonder about the openness of blogging, knowing some of the people who read it, but ho hum, if I was reading this 2 months ago, I’d wish I’d told me about this… if that makes any sense!).  If I’d not liked the sound of that then, apparently, the alternative would have been the Mirena coil which they could also could’ve lived with.  Anyway, it may get rid of the problem entirely, or perhaps almost entirely.  When I come off the Warfarin then I’ll come off the Cerazette at least until they’ve done the thrombaphilia test.  And if you know me, in real-life, please let’s never talk about this post.


Thank you!



  1. Tony says:

    Just to prove us blokes can learn – I have not read so don’t know what I am commenting on….

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