INR down to 1.7

My INR has dropped to 1.7, which is .3 below the required therapeutic range (2-3).  I had already noted I was on a downward curve and expected to drop, but, of course, I’ve also managed to distort the true picture by forgetting a dose on New Years Day.

Good old INR Star can be told one has missed a dose, so it sprouted that the dose shouldn’t be changed and the level didn’t need to be checked for 2 weeks.  We’ve already overriden the date, deciding it should be checked next week, and also the doc has been emailed to check that the dose doesn’t need to change too, actually.

Having left the surgery, my NI friend pointed out by text that I hadn’t mentioned that my neck was aching and was rather worried about a possible connection.  It was probably a sensible thing to mention so I dropped back in and left the nurse a note, apologising I hadn’t mentioned, and asking her to add that to the note to the doc, just in case.

Of course, I’m a little bit worried they will say I need to go back on the Clexane jabs.  If it weren’t for the neck ache I’d rubbish the idea, as the vertebral dissection should be healed by now.  But I guess it’s as possible that it hasn’t as it is that I’ve just pulled a muscle or something, so… we shall see.

I’d rather not go back on the Clexanes.  I still have a box of 10 in the bathroom: I was going to give them back to Hospital Number 2 today when I pop in for more Warfarin supplies. I remember they don’t hurt or anything, but they are a pain nonetheless.  I’m flying tomorrow and, though I have a letter saying I can fly with a pack of them, I know that’ll just another hassle at the airport.  Also, it’d make me feel like I’ve taken half a step back.

They will call back around lunchtime if they want to do anything other than carry on with the Warfarin at the same dose as before.  So we shall hope they don’t call then, I suppose.

Oh well, onwards we roll.


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