The haircut and the book

You may remember that after the first MRI, on Day 2, I kept being asked questions like: “who’s the Prime Minister, do you know where you are, have you had your hair washed over one of those hairdresser sinks in the past few days?”  The reason, apparently, is that the common causes of vertebral dissections are chiropractors manipulating your neck, painting a ceiling, and having one’s hair washed over the back of a hairdressers sink.

So I’m getting the hair chopped today but I have to say that the repeated questioning about the sinks has left it’s mark.

So, for anyone in the same position, you need to know this:

All the Headmasters outlets in my general vicinity have really posh chairs. Huge comfortable things that go up and back with a remote control and mean there are no potential neck issues.

I know… the little things that matter these days are a tad strange…

In other news, I also wrote this text last night: “Not tired.  Going to read my non-MSc book for a while.  Feels naughty to read a non-academic book.  But I am soooo glad I can read again.  Amazing what I’ve learned not to take for granted. x


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