Two calls from the surgery

Two calls from medics today.  First the brilliant warfarin nurse called and said they wanted me to take 9mg a day all week (instead of dropping it one day a week to 6mg for an overall average of 8.4mg per day… yes, they really are that precise!).

Then 15 minutes later, another doctor I’ve never heard of rang, to say they’d thought again to take 11mg tonight before reverting to the 9mg.  Ok then.

Graph now looks like this.  I know I distorted the picture by being a ditz and forgetting a dose on 1st Jan, but I don’t think we need medical degrees to be puzzled by this one!

Anyway, it’s a lovely day.  This morning I got my hair cut, and shortly I’ll zip to the airport to spend my last few R&R days somewhere else.  If you don’t hear from me until I’m back, that means I’m using them wisely and sans laptop!


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