I’m Ironing…

I’m ironing.  It’s the Sunday night routine on a Monday lunchtime… Can only mean I’m back to work tomorrow…!

Royston: Irony



  1. Tony says:

    It might be just ironing but its also good news as its normality and that’s a good thing. enjoy the first day back and try not to kill the thousandth person who wants to know the ins and outs of the last 3 months – you can always direct them here.

    Personally I think an ironing service is the answer :-)

    • CN says:

      Hmm. I secretly quite like ironing at the end of a weekend. It’s kind of part of the back to work routine, and I find something to half watch telly while I do it. And no, they won’t get directed here. Strangers are fine, friends are fine, acquaintances don’t hear about this one from me personally. Quirky, but sadly true.

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