Hi ho, hi ho, scan booked for Friday

Many argue the NHS is inefficient. Perhaps I prefer to think of it as over-complicated, possibly due to it’s drive for efficiency…

i wonder if Siemens make the scanners at Hosp No 2?!

There are a few benefits to me personally from being on the Cadiss trial, which are an aside from the NHS and/or my Pru Health (which I’ve still never used…). In addition to my Clexane and Warfarin being hand-delivered to my home, and no prescription charges, I also get a follow-up scan at three months post-dissection.

CTs and MRIs are very expensive. So, instead of scanning again, the NHS prescribe the drugs that inhibit the risk of clots for six months, which should be much longer than it actually takes the dissection to heal. It’s cheaper than another scan. It’s rather sensible really, but it does mean one is on the drugs rather longer than one needs to be. And they aren’t fun. So the scan from the Cadiss trial is great; if it shows the dissection is healed, the drugs can be ditched early, and we move on. (To the thrombaphilia test). And it’s booked for this Friday. with the consultant follow-up on 26 Jan. It means I’ll have to leave work early on Friday, for I’m back at work today.

In fact, since I’ve timed this to publish at 07.15, I probably left the house about, oh, 5 minutes ago. So, you may sing along with me if you like:

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work...

Two other quick things:

  1. As I now don’t see the consultant about the scan until 26 Jan (originally this was supposed to happen on Jan 5),  and that’s before we’ve dont the thrombaphilia test, I’ll keep the blog going a bit longer than planned. It won’t mostly end immediately after the actual afterstrokeparty, as promised. Posts will become more sporadic, but I’ll stop when it stops…
  2. All this started EXACTLY 3 months ago today.



  1. Tony says:

    Which Dwarf are you – we assume Happy :-)

  2. Jayne says:

    Or maybe Doc – the one who marches at the head of the line :-)

  3. SteveG says:

    If you’re one of the dwarves, who is Snow White and who the Evil Queen?

  4. Neal says:

    You’ve got to be Snow White as she was the one who organised the dwarves!

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