57 weeks in credit

Yep, being back at work is tiring and I’ve not even got into it yet.  Yada, yada, yada.  But then, I couldn’t walk three months ago…

Besides, there are far more important revelations to share.  Oh yes…

I’ve worked in my present job for more than 8.5 years.   Technically, I’m contracted to work a 35 hour week.  Like most people who work there, the “technically” is irrelevant… we all work a lot more than that.  It’s peaks and troughs but I can confidently say that if I said that I worked, on average, an extra hour a day, I would be being massively conservative about the overall impact of that extra-ness.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I keep feeling a tad guilty that I haven’t been there.  But someone told me to do the maths…

I’m contracted to do 35 hours a week.  If we conservatively estimate an extra hour a day, that’s 5 hours a week.  I take 5 weeks holiday a year, and those weeks don’t count.  But based on a 47 week year, for 8.5 years, that’s 1997.5 hours. Which is the equivalent of 57 contracted weeks.

That’s, um, well over a year!

Good thing they’ve never implemented flexitime. I know someone in a government department that works on flexitime and takes, more or less, a day off a week in lieu….

So basically, I’m not feeling guilty any more.  Because really, if I have to think about it that hard because of my morals, well, morally, I guess I’m still in credit.

Along with 2/3 of the organisation.  A proportion of whom put in more far hours than I do.

Of course, this is where someone corrects my maths….



  1. Jayne says:

    Nice maths:-). That makes me 2173.75 hours in credit!

    Ps: did you factor in all the times you work through the lunch hour?

  2. CN says:

    I try to go for lunch if I can, and i didn’t need to count times I didn’t: a simple hour a day was both conservative and plenty!!!

  3. Tony says:

    You probably need to take about 10 mins off for bank holidays :-) Remove the “its a privilege to work here” bonus and you probably owe them a year!

    Its good to keep this in mind, was part of a similar discussion for me and the 2 hours extra travel time per day to sunny south London

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