The Follow-up Scan

I’m not even surprised by the chain of events leading up to the scan today!

One of the benefits of the Cadiss trial is a scan at 3 months to see if the artery has healed (and one can come off the warfarin early).  This is what happened over the past few weeks to get to today:

  • NHS Letter 1: Appointment confirmed for 12 Jan
  • NHS Letter 2: Above appointment moved to 5 Jan
  • Conversation: Cadiss contact realises above appointment is for the consultant to discuss the scan, but the scan isn’t booked yet. 5 Jan cancelled.
  • NHS Letter 3: Appointment letter for 26 Jan.
  • Conversation: Cadiss contact says she’ll book the scan for before 26 Jan
  • Text from Cadiss: MRI booked for 14 Jan
  • NHS Letter 4: MRI booked for 31 Jan
  • Text from Cadiss: Ignore the letter re 31st
  • Appointment: Arrive to find they haven’t booked an MRI but a CT.  Text Cadiss contact to say I’m going to go with the flow.  She says she’s sending someone down to sort it out.  Nurses rush around and Cadiss decides a CT will do fine.  CT happens.

Let’s hope the appointment on 26 Jan happens too!

And finally, a lovely pic for you, because if I have to do that stuff then you have to see it (Kate)!  They put a cannula in your arm so they can shoot up contrast dye halfway through the process.  But this time when they removed it we couldn’t stop it bleeding.

That’ll be the warfarin working then.



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