And now, the end is near…

Tomorrow is the actual AfterStrokeParty.  It’s not a big deal..!

To ensure it’s not a big deal we’ve combined it with three birthdays that take place between 14-31 Jan, so it’s three-birthdays-and-an-afterstrokeparty.  Actually, it’s more drinks at the pub around the corner.  People can pop in and say hi, or stay all evening, or whatever.  We didn’t ask for RSVPs so we don’t know exactly who will be there, but I think it’s looking like a lot more than we kind of expected.  Which is nice.

Anyway, I’ll pass someone my camera and will try to post some photos, without names or identifying features, obviously.  You know, except our faces…….

I said some time ago that would be the official closure of this blog, and that only sporadic updates would be forthcoming after the party happened. Then I took that back because there is a consultant’s appointment on 26th, which is on Wednesday.  But I’ve changed my mind again. I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative!

After the party I’ll post pics and write some stuff, and I’ll update after the consultant on Wednesday.  And then I am done on the regular blogging, for now.  There will be sporadic updates, when they are warranted.  And at some point, possibly in the more distant future, I will post the things I’ve been noting for myself about returning to work and all those other things that one just can’t blog when it’s actually happening, because people actually read this. No seriously, I’m not kidding, they do: the stats surprise me every day, as do people who quote me to me as I wander in to work!

A couple of people have told me they are sad that the blog is coming to a close.  As I type, so am I.  In the hospital it was such an release that I think I posted 6 times on the first day!  It saved me many phone conversations and emails at a time when I couldn’t even ‘slide to answer’ my phone, for which I am grateful. It allowed me to acknowledge the amazing generosity and kindness of my friends and family, particularly those who were around in the first days and weeks. It introduced me to new friends, some real and some virtual.  It’s become my record of how things were, and my reminder of how rapidly things have changed.  It’s kind of been my friend.

But sometimes friendships are for a season.  Or they become intermittent because you see each other less, usually because one or both of you have moved on in some way.  From the very outset, I said this would be a finite entity, and it is.  But it’ll be a fading relationship, one which will drift out slowly, and always be around when I need it to remind me what happened when…

And my ultimate hope?  It’s that someone like me who, as soon as they could cope with a computer was so desperately trying to find something like this by someone like me, will stumble upon it just at the time when they need to know how it might be for them, and to know that there is huge hope and they aren’t completely alone.

Have a very lovely Thursday evening and remember, everything seems like more fun on a Friday.


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