The Waiting Game

I don’t think my life is much harder because I tore up my neck and had a stroke in October. but not having been in the right places at the right times during recuperation has repercussions.

Time doesn’t wait until you’re back in play before moving on, which can lead one to wondering if things would be different if one hadn’t taken 3 months out.  The obvious answer is ‘yes’ and yet, quite possibly, the truth is ‘no’.

You have no idea what I’m talking about.Let’s just say the one thing that I hope I’ve acknowledged is that sometimes doing nothing can be the best course of action.  Sometimes when one does nothing, nothing happens: I’m very, very guilty of not usually waiting to find out.  I’ve usually jumped in before anyone else has a chance to think about it. It’s one of those double-edged-biggest-strength-biggest-weakness-swords of mine.

But sometimes when one does nothing, other people have to sort out whatever the thing is that you think probably needs sorting.  One learns this when one can’t do something one can normally do and has no choice but to let others take the lead, if only for a while.  I suppose it boils down to how much faith one puts into those they do not know whether or not they can trust.  Not having a choice taught me that sometimes I should leave alone and simply wait.

It’s proved a useful lesson so many times in the past few months.  It’s not always the right answer either, but it’s another option. I’ve added it to my collection but I’m not at all confident I know how and when to deploy it and when to revert to type.

Oh, and the use of the word ‘acknowledged’ is deliberate.  I don’t know if I’ve truly learned it yet.  But I’m trying.


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