This one’s for you

I just got off the phone with my friend, M.  M is one of the rather amazing people who, when I was in hospital, received a text that I was ill at about 7am and was at the hospital before elevenses on the same day

M came to the afterstrokeparty on Friday.  She tucked her small people up into bed and dashed out of the house as soon as her husband got in from work, which was really rather late.  When she arrived she couldn’t see me.  As she searched, a woman she’d never met before asked, “Are you looking for [my name]?”  When M said that she was, the stranger pointed her in the right direction.  Then M went to the bar to buy a drink; it was really busy. Another woman also waiting an eon to be served, and again a stranger to M, asked if she’d like a drink while she was ordering a round.  M had met neither of these people before the party, yet within 5 minutes she was in shock at how truly lovely you all are.  She felt so welcome and looked after by that she had enough of a glowy feeling that she had to tell me all about you.  Because we are talking about you, my brilliant, wonderful, friends who look after me but also perfect strangers who look a tad lost or like they’d appreciate a drink.

Of course, I also had to remind M that she is one of these amazing friends too.

When things are tricky and hard and I’m having a bad day which, perhaps, I am, then a call that reminds me how blessed we are to be in this group of friends, with this type of looking out for each other, reminds me what a stunningly lucky woman I am to have you.

Thank you for that.


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