The wonder of skin…

The wonder of the skin is the way it keeps everything in place, and so efficiently – both an electric blanket keeping us warm inside and a waterproof coat protecting us from the elements.” (Dr James Le Fanu in The Lady).

I don’t know why these words struck me today.  Maybe they were a reminder that I truly believe there is design in the world that I don’t understand.  Was skin an accident?  When we take 3000 years to create an ipod, can we dismiss that, given the complexity of systems like air and rocks and climate and bugs and self-reproducing-carbon-units (yes, that’d be us), that design may be in things we take for granted and call nature and fate?

Sometimes, I think, things are just meant to be, and we are supposed to have faith that it will all turn out the way it was meant to turn out, in the end.  Whatever that may be.

How did we get to this subject?  Well I really liked that quote above, and I wanted to remember it.  Skin is a simple solution created by a massively complex technology.  Some may claim to be able to explain how it works, but they couldn’t recreate it in a lab. We don’t have to understand how skin came to be, and thus keeps us together and warm to trust that it will, and to have faith that it will probably keep doing so.

Unless, of course, it’s accidentally or deliberately ripped apart. When it’s ripped, we have to work out how to fix it.  Will a plaster do?  Or are stitches required, which many mean getting some help?  Or is it a full on surgical procedure?  Then of course, you have to wonder whether it will leave a scar, and where.



  1. Laura Hardin says:

    You are fearfully and wonderfully made, Charley, skin and all! I’m hoping you don’t get any more tears, anywhere! Lots of love, Laura xxx

  2. CN says:

    :-) Update in May. This is when I kind of knew I was likely departing the job… oh the time it took to write posts where I couldn’t truly share what was going on!

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