Cyprus, here we come

Two things happened this evening that have made me smile.

The first is that my birthday present from my dad arrived today.  It included a text book for my dissertation.  It’s called “Managing Through Turbulent Times“.*

The second is that, over a bottle of wine and a thai takeout we booked a holiday.  I’m making use of the new travel insurance.  It’s not for a few weeks yet, and we had to change plans after we were warned Marrakech might not be such a good idea this week.  So… Cyprus, here we come.

I’m so excited.  It’s worse than Christmas.

this is where we are staying - hooray!!!


* Edit November 2010: if you’re reading the edits, you may be reading this in a different light… at the time nobody knew that I was going to be leaving my job of nearly a decade and I couldn’t share that on a public blog.  But it’s so weird to be looking back at what I did share while this was all going on!


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