Dr3 and Dr2

I’m due at Hospital Number 3 on Friday morning to see the consultant from there.

When I left that hospital, I think we all assumed I was and would remain under their care.  However, if you’ve been following carefully you will already know that the consultant at Hospital Number 2  (hereafter known as Dr3) has decided that he’ll take over the case again.  I saw him because of the Cadiss trial and, because they did a scan, he now knows more about me than Dr D at Hospital Number 3 (hereafter known as Dr2).  Dr2’s also a more senior doctor.  And they have the HASU at Hospital Number 2 so…

The tricky bit is that Dr3 is a really nice bloke and I’m supposed to tell him that Dr2 is now in charge and he, Dr3, can’t make any decisions.  One wonders why I’m going to see him at all.  Though, apart from politeness, I’m thinking it does mean I can ask Dr3 all the questions that I thought of after I left Dr2.

I don’t think Dr2 will pull rank, that would get complicated!

Some of you will know I’m doing an MSc at the moment and I’m about to move into the dissertation stage.  To make things easier for when I get there, I’ve been collating the ‘seminal’ texts that I’ve quoted a gazillion times in essays; those that will therefore be referred to again and again for my dissertation.  The funny thing is, I’ve only ever viewed them in an organisational context before.  Now I’m gathering them, and blogging here, I wonder if I see them in an entirely new light.  Or, perhaps I just relate to them on a more personal level or something.  They’re all about resilience.

I know.  Ironic.


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  1. Fascinating subject!
    I love the bit in the Harvard Revue article which said, “Consider UPS, which empowers its drivers to do whatever it takes to deliver packages on time.”
    This has particular relevance in our lives, because we live down a country lane. Our mailboxes are on the main road but are too small for larger packages. The US Post Office employees say it is too difficult (???) to deliver anything to our door. It is quite amazing how UPS has no trouble at all making deliveries!

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