City Girl

I’ve got the day off today, which is handy, since my flight back from Northern Ireland doesn’t leave until 6pm tonight.  I’ve leave to use (!) so I’m taking a few Mondays off, which gives me lovely long weekends.

I love being away from my usual busy spot in the city, and not just because of the lovely company here.  I’ve always, always been a city girl.  I’ve toyed with buying a place outside of the city and commuting in, but the cost of commuting and the price of being away from my every day friends has always outweighed a move.

It’s very nice here though.  Even though it’s chucking it down with rain, forcing us to abandon the idea of a walk down the coast leading to a proper pub lunch.  But it’s 20 minutes by train from the nearest ‘city’  and it’s not… well, it’s not like my city.

Oh well.  There’ll time to contemplate that one on the flight home tonight.




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