5 months on, I’m leaving my job

If someone had told me 5 months ago that in less than 5 months time all this would have happened, I’d not have believed it.  I’ve been quiet of late because something else has been going on.  Actually a few things have been going on. but this one is announcable now.

In about 6 weeks I’m leaving my job behind.  I’ve been doing it for nearly 9 years so it’s monumental.  And, as you will have surmised if you’ve been reading this, a number of my colleagues are also my very good friends.

As to why I’m leaving, and what comes next,  I’ll probably tell one of these days*, but that’s enough for now, suffice to say there is a plan.  And I think it’s a good one.

Happy weekend.

*Edit: November 2010 – of course there’s a story… I might even tell it one of these days!


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