Sorry i’ve neglected you

Yes, I’ve been neglecting you. I’m sorry.  I said it would trail off and it has!

I was asked today how often I was seeing medics.  The answer is that my INR checks are back to once a fortnight, for now.  I’m seeing my GP next week but then take it as it comes.  I’m seeing the neurologist and having another scan in May.  The plan is to come off the drugs in May.  That’s the bit I want.  Hopefully the weight will come off again then: I don’t like it.

Thanks for all your PMs about the leaving work plan thing.  I will blog on the whats and whys but for the moment I’ll keep it brief.  I’m going to be doing lots of academics until the Autumn.  I’ll explain more when I have time to do it justice.  I’m also very aware this is a public forum so, if you want info now, you’ll have to email and ask for it instead!

Thanks for hanging in there and bearing with me.

Though, whoever you are that’s working your way through every post as I type, I hope I’ve not bored you.  Thank you for hitting every single post. I hope you’re ok.


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