The First 5 Day Week

It’s 5am on the Friday of my first 5 day week since October.

Normally I walk to and from work but I didn’t yesterday and I don’t suppose I will today. Some (non-medics) warned I might get really tired but that’s not really the issue.  It’s more that my balance gets tired by the end of the week so walking is harder.  I can still do it, it’s not like I’ve had to slow down again, but I’m aware of that my head is there again. It’s not like it was, i.e. it’s not really a problem, it just is.*

I was used to the fact that I have to get used to things again.  This is another of those.  As soon as I’m used to it, the issue disappears.  It’s a shame then, perhaps, then I’ve only got one or two more before I leave my job then!  I’ve to take lots of holiday before I leave as they won’t pay for it after, so between a long weekend this weekend, a week away on holiday and another long weekend, the weeks are short.

And then it’s a whole new world and a whole new set of challenges.

* Edit in November 2010: everything I wrote on my blog during this period was true, but there was so much I felt I had to leave out because people I worked with knew about this blog!


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  1. Neal says:

    Sorry.I’ve not been keeping up recently – very busy couple of weeks at work. So pleased to read of your continued recovery and excited by your news of impending new horizons and challenges.

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