Fit for Work?

So I’m asking Hospital Number 2 to move my stroke consult from the end of May to the end of April. If they don’t oblige then my lovely GP is going to ask them again.  The hope is that I can come off the warfarin at the six month point, which is the protocol, and then we’ll be done.

I’m about to go on holiday for a week, and then I only have 2x 4 day weeks and a 2 day week left at work.  So I asked for a ‘completely fit to resume normal duties’ (after my holiday!) note and she obliged*.  The only difference really is the ability to be on call outside office hours, which I’ve not done since I’ve been back, and it’s utterly likely they’ll not bother to put me back on only to take me off again a couple of weeks later (though they might; I think Kate would like to turn her phone off when she cycles!!!).  The interesting comment though was the GP saying that if it was a long term gig she wouldn’t have given me the note.  Carrying a phone and being ready to respond 24/7/365, even if it only actually happens, on average, two or three times a month, would not be sensible, for anyone?

Anyway, this story is nearly over.  When it is you can migrate to the new blog, if you like, which is about the new research gig that I’m undertaking for the next few months.  Message me for details of the blog if you’d like.

* Edit on Nov 2010: I wouldn’t have gotten this note if I hadn’t been leaving work shortly after.  My GP and I agreed that it would be good for me to be signed off as fit before I left, but safe in the knowledge I was actually not going to be at work full time for a while!


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