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Hospital Kit List v2

In the first few days of this blog, I wrote a hospital kit list, and said I’d update it sometime with my definitive list, and never did.

Last night my friend’s 2 year-old daughter was taken to Hospital Number 3 with pneumonia.  She’s MUCH better today, following large doses of IV antibiotics.  One can’t do much to help in these situations. Except, it turns out that I did know there was one thing I could do.  A bag full of essential kit for her mum, informed by relatively recent inmate experience. So here it is, finally, my ultimate ‘get them this’ list for people in hospital (or staying with their kids in hospital).

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Six months today!

Six months ago today the stroke started, right up there in the (lovely) Chief Operating Officer’s office.

Tomorrow, I will run my last big event at work, pack up my desk, and have some drinks with my colleagues and friends on my last day with the company.

Someone from my family has been with that company for the last 43 years, with up to 3 concurrently at times, and I’m leaving.  I’m actually saying goodbye.  And I’m about to begin another new chapter.  Starting with getting on a plane first thing the next morning…

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the dilemma

Tuesday is my last day at work.  We have a big event during the day (which I was asked to stay for) and then my leaving drinks in the evening.  I was thinking I’d make an exception and actually drink a bit.  But the dilemma is this… I have bloods being taken at 0900 the next morning.  Probably the last ones before I next see the consultant.  As I want to come of the drugs now – it being six months on Monday – I don’t want a dodgy blood result because I had a few glasses of bubbles.

Hmm, maybe I should just move the bloods appointment..!


Mark strikes again…

Well, after three phone calls from Wales, a thoughtful gesture of someone checking if someone else had a warfarin stock, we nipped into A&E and they gave me three days supply in under 45 minutes.  Am growing to love the provinces.

There was a moment though.  They came back with a cute little bottle containing 3x 3mg tablets (blues, for those in the know), because I said my dose was 9mg.  I had to say, “Um, it’s 9mg a day.”  They disappeared and came back, “That’s quite a hefty dose, are you sure?”. Um, yes… They were great though.


so, i forgot the meds…

I’m away for the weekend, in Norn Iron.  I therefore dutifully decanted 6 days warfarin (even though I’m only away for 3) into the cute little pill box my friend Patricia gave me for just this purpose.

I arrived in Norn Iron, and I can only assume the pill box is still on the bed where it fell, presumably, as I packed between the small case and the slightly-larger-than-the-everyday-one handbag.

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