so, i forgot the meds…

I’m away for the weekend, in Norn Iron.  I therefore dutifully decanted 6 days warfarin (even though I’m only away for 3) into the cute little pill box my friend Patricia gave me for just this purpose.

I arrived in Norn Iron, and I can only assume the pill box is still on the bed where it fell, presumably, as I packed between the small case and the slightly-larger-than-the-everyday-one handbag.

So I called the Boots on the local High Street, and they’re happy to take a faxed prescription.  I called my GP surgery who said I have to call the out of hours service who said ‘we don’t do that, you need to go to A&E or something’.

So… normally they take you off the pills after 6 months, which is in 9 days (though my consult is later cos my consultant is away for the whole of April).  Then I’ll switch to aspirin which, if you’ve been following my participation in the trial, you’ll know they have no idea is more or less effective than warfarin.  Maybe I should just find some aspirin.  Might go and talk to the pharmacist in Boots and see what we can get away with…


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