Hospital Kit List v2

In the first few days of this blog, I wrote a hospital kit list, and said I’d update it sometime with my definitive list, and never did.

Last night my friend’s 2 year-old daughter was taken to Hospital Number 3 with pneumonia.  She’s MUCH better today, following large doses of IV antibiotics.  One can’t do much to help in these situations. Except, it turns out that I did know there was one thing I could do.  A bag full of essential kit for her mum, informed by relatively recent inmate experience. So here it is, finally, my ultimate ‘get them this’ list for people in hospital (or staying with their kids in hospital).

One thing to note.  Go the utterly inexpensive route.  I don’t usually advocate ‘cheap’ as ethical, sensible, or beautiful.  But in hospital it’s just kind to let the recipient know that they can dispose of the whole caboodle on departure if they wish, without guilt.

So, just this once, hit Primark and Poundland with pride:

Pyjama bottoms   –  £4 from Primark: comfy, modest and prettySlippers – £1.30 from Primark – seriously… i still buy lots of thesePrimark slippers.

  • Towel – hospital will have loads, but you have to ask a lot
  • Soap in a pump dispenser
  • Facial wipes
  • Baby wet ones
  • Anti-bacterial surface wipes
  • Small bin bags with handles to hang on drawers (nappy bags work too)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Big waterproof washbag to put everything in (Primark do lovely big ones with handles on the top for a bargain £4)
  • Dry shampoo (from Boots)
  • Hair ties/clips
  • Cooling mist spray (Monica gave me some of this – it’s a total Godsend!)
  • Snacks – dried fruit, cereal bars, breadsticks, drinks in cartons
  • Packets of peppermints
  • Travel pillow – one of those ones that go round your neck – helpful for people sitting in high backed chairs for long periods!
  • Cheap cotton bag to put it all in – Primark do a nice big one for £1.50 that you buy at the till
And if you’re really going to town – or they have NOTHING with them:
  • Hairbrush
  • T-shirts – Primark, again – get them baggy: comfort and modesty more important than fashion
  • Lots of undies – Primark, again – dead cheap and therefore disposable
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Pens and notebook
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Moisturiser – E45/own brand equivalent is cheap and flexible
  • DVDs and a 3g stick if they have a laptop (pay as you go from Three is/was £10 for a month’s access, and can be used to watch tv too, which is much cheaper than paying for an NHS hospital’s service)
I never thought I’d say this, but THIS is what Primark and Poundland are made for!!

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  1. Dom Pardey says:

    Very very useful – I can relate to all of that, especially wet wipes, spray mist and lip stuff. Hospital air is hot and dry. Get people to bring you healthy snacks. I’ve had to give up chocolate and eating between meals which is boring as f*ck. If you’re going to snack. Get someone to get you mixed nuts and seeds from Holland and Barret. Sorry to say, but hospital food (esp the puddings) make you fat and dolorous, trust me!

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