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Losing the warfarin, and Chaseley

Oops.  A quick update.

I saw the neuro (Hospital 2/Dr 4) on  May 3rd, and came off the warfarin.  The difference is quite amazing: I now need so much less sleep! Before, getting beyond 10.30pm was a chore.  Now I see midnight and 01.00 roll by and think I need to think about sleeping! It took me a few days to notice that was happening, and another to work out why!

And I’m suddenly back to walking 18,000ish steps a day without even thinking about it. This is the best thing, to be honest, as I’m desperate to lose the weight caused by utter inactivity and way too many lovely treats during the first few months.  Vanity, I know, but also cost effective – I’m simply not buying larger clothes!

baby aspirin

So I’m glad to have switched the high doses of warfarin for a forever daily baby aspirin. Though my new friend from Chaseley (see a few paragraphs ahead) says I may make up my own mind on that one a little further down the track…

I had an MRA (an MRI of my head an neck) on Friday last (“Er, you’ve had quite enough CTs in the past few months, let’s do an MRI”). I was hoping this meant I’d be in and out in ten minutes.  But no, there’s the whole rigmarole of hospital gowns and cannularsfor contrast dyes – though without the slightly weird effects of the CT contrast.  But the staff at Hospital Number 2 are just so nice.  I don’t know whether it’s just an utterly different culture to Hospital Number 3, but the staff certainly smile more and that makes a massive difference.

And yesterday, well that was a freak thing…  I went to a She Means Business Network Lunch. It was lovely.  Set in a priory situated in rolling hills; greeted with champagne; got to know some great people a little.  But bizarrely, I sat next to the CEO of a charity that looks after people who have brain injuries of various kinds.  So she was fascinated by the stroke and I was keen to hear about how those who have the worst kind of outcomes and need the most rehab might be supported.

The answer is that, outside the NHS, support is often from charities, and there aren’t many like The Chaseley Trust.  They work with anyone over 18 on a residential, day care or rehab basis. And about a third of their residents are former Army, Navy or Air Force.

So if you have a spare tenner and you’ve been wondering what to do with it, maybe hit the graphic above and go to the bottom of the resulting page, click the donate button, and give it to Chaselely?  Like my stroke, it’s not very sexy, but it’s a very good cause.

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