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Right.  Ages ago I said to the Facebook Young Stroke Survivors Group that I’d put up a resources page collating a lot of what’s been said about what was useful.  I also asked them for things that they found useful.  They’re on the new resources page – look up, see the tab?

The things that seemed to come out top for all of us were a decent hospital kit (see here, here and the resources page) and, once we could read and take in the words again, a Kindle (3g wireless is useful when not at home or don’t have wifi, otherwise wifi kindle will suffice).  The miracle of these things is that you don’t have to balance keeping it open, keeping it up, or fiddle around with turning a page.  Plus you don’t have to leave the house or hospital to get new books.  What’s not to like.  They aren’t cheap… I think about £107 for the wifi and £152 for the 3g.  I got the 3g and love it.  One word of warning. I did manage to do the apparently impossible and break my screen about 9 months in but Amazon replaced it within 48 hours.

I’ve put up the books I’ve mentioned along the way.  Annoyingly only one of those is available on Kindle.  But then the cover for Julia Fox Garrison‘s book always makes me smile and you don’t get that on a Kindle!

The other thing I know I mentioned (but can’t find the entry) was that before I could read or enjoy TV I could – weirdly – sew.  Not intricately but enough to do the really basic Buttonbag kits I found at John Lewis, the only store I could get to for the first month or so after I came out of hospital.  So I put those up too.

Oh, and I’ve had a resource idea of my own.  One so simple I can’t believe no one else is already offering it, so I’m going to scour the internet and see if they are.

If not, well, Abby if you’re reading, I might be in touch to see if this could be a ‘Woolf’ project for two…


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