As some of you know, since my first day blogging from the hospital I’ve had a thing about ‘hospital kit’ lists.

If you haven’t planned your hospital trip then you arrive with nothing and are completely reliant on other people to find what you need from home or at the shops.  Call me cynical, but even with my list, directions within my house and explicit naming of shops, I wouldn’t have gotten much that I needed if my stepmum hadn’t gone along to ‘help’ (read: supervise and instruct).  And if I hadn’t been able to explain exactly what I needed that would have been another problem.  I blogged about kits lists a few times (e.g. from the hospital and a few weeks ago) and then decided I could do something about it.

I have a couple of ideas, one will take a bit of work.  The other is now online!!!

If you go to www.hospitalessentials.com you can click on the Kit Lists page.  On the page is a list of essentials, a list of nice-to-haves and a list of luxuries.  Find the list(s) you want and click for a printable sheet: that sheet includes the checklist and which high street stores sell which products.  The aim is you can get all the essentials going to the minimum number of shops and spending the minimum amount of money.


There are also ideas on useful gifts for people in hospital, and other stuff I learned the hard way.  For example,  how to get cheaper prescriptions in England, how to navigate patient transport, finding helpful books, access to every hospital address and telephone number in the UK, and resources including resources for carers.

All the resources and info are free, obviously, including the kit lists.  A number (though not all!) the links to useful gifts and the like are – she says in the spirit of full disclosure – affiliate links which means I might be able to cover the cost of the website from the little commissions, maybe, but it’ll never recommend something that isn’t recommended, if you see what I mean!

hospital essentials resources

It’s a start and I’ve got a bit of a vision for it so I’m going to work on it a bit.

I hope it’s helpful.

And yes, all the resources on the resource page (look up) that were recommended by the Facebook group are all on there now too.

I think.

I’d better just go check…



  1. Dom Pardey says:

    This is bloody useful

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