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World Stroke Day

I do dates. You may have noticed.

I remember it’s a week since, or a month since, or a year since. And not just about the stroke, but about EVERYTHING. I’m sure it’s very annoying for people who don’t. But I do. You probably noticed.

On October 29th it’s World Stroke Day.

Maybe you could mark this one too?

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364 days ago…

This time last year I’d just gotten back from an Island where I’d been househunting.

I’d narrowed it down to a choice between a little cottage with no parking or a flat with no garden. I had decided on the house right up until the end of the day when I realised the ‘lock-up-and-leave-ability’ of the flat made it more suitable.

Tomorrow last year, which was a Monday, all this started. Not really sure how I feel about that.  Almost everything has changed since that time; job, relationship, everything.

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