ANNOUNCEMENT: AfterStrokeParty has moved!

Hi there,  this is a quick announcement.

I love WordPress, and I’m very grateful to them for hosting AfterStrokeParty for free at it’s previous home.  They’ve been generally fantastic.  In fact, I’m going to keep using their brilliant, free software. But…


From today you can see the entire site, and new content from now on, here, and only here, at

IMPORTANT if you get updates by email:  I won’t update AfterStrokeParty on WordPress any more, so your subscription was based there, it won’t work for you any more.  I’ll attempt to move your subscription over to this site.  That’s trickier than it sounds, but that’s good as it protects you from spam!  Anyway, I will try, so if you get an email asking you to confirm your new subscription to, it’s kosher!  Click the link in that email to retain your subscription.

And if that fails, or you just want to subscribe yourself, use this form here.  Sorry it’s ugly!  I kind of expected better from Google!

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