The Limb Fitting Centre

Got a really odd call from the Cadiss trial (I think…) the other evening.

The phone rang and it was someone saying they were from a trial I was on. I supplied the name of it before I clocked that was kind of an odd thing to do. I know, I’m so suspicious..!

Seriously though, it was such an odd call that I was checking the trial website while I was on the phone to make sure the name he gave me was a name on the trial and… well, normally a researcher calls me. This guy was the Professor who heads up the whole thing? Spare time on his hands of an evening obviously……..

Hey ho. Got my next neurology appointment through – don’t have to see them now until 8 November 2012 unless there’s an issue. And as promised they moved me onto the new clinic. But it’s still held in the exact same place. The oddest place. Where?

The stroke clinic is held in the Limb Fitting Centre. Yeah. The limb fitting centre. First time I went there the receptionist looked at me with a, ‘Yep, you’re in the right place and we don’t know why either. You may keep your limbs and take a seat’.



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