Have licence, need job!


I have a driving licence.  All pink and shiny and new.

I never got one before because I didn’t need it and I’m not a natural driver.  Now I’m out of London I do need it.  I decided to get an automatic-only licence because, basically, it’s easy and there’s no problem getting an automatic car.  Six weeks and I have a licence and a car.  It’s a little Citroen C3; it’s not new but it’s very shiny and just perfect for me.  And if you’ve had a stroke and are wondering if autos are easier to drive – yes, miles: no clutch and no gear changes.

So now I need a job.  I’m perched in a borrowed flat while I make the move towards a new, smaller city.  I’ve been freelancing for a year while I finished an MSc thesis but I want to get a mortgage asap in the new city so I need a permanent job.  It’s here things get harder again.

The economy is not great, but that’s not really my issue.  My issue is tiredness.  I’ve really been very protected from it because I was studying and freelancing and could control my days and without even thinking about it (my neuros term, he says older people are usually protected by the fact they are retired so they don’t notice what we younger ones do).  And the driving just highlights the need for no/low commute.  If I drive 50 mins each way – as I would have had to do for one particular job – I’m knackered… and I need to fit 8 hours work in the middle.  So I’m looking for a job with sensible hours and not too far from wherever I live.  Working 40 hours a week just isn’t a problem in itself – I’ve been doing it all along.  Not having control over things means I can’t control tiredness and that is.

Still… my friend, quoting the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel keeps telling me that, “Everything will turn out alright in the end, and if it’s not alright then it’s not the end.”  Thoughts?



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