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Back to netball!

Now, apparently I worried someone enough for them to have made some calls with my last post.  Apologies.  I really AM fine.

And to prove it I thought it was worth sharing that tonight was my first game of netball since school (let alone post-stroke, etc.)

Here in the UK, England Netball is running an initiative called “Back to Netball“.  So long as you’re over 16, you’re eligible to go along.  It’s dead cheap (about £2 or £3 depending on location) and you don’t have to have ever played before.  Most people played at school but not since, so it’s really mixed ability…


I found it because I was googling for netball in the area, since we all know it’s very unlikely I’m ever going to be friends with a gym.  And I came across this:

If you click it you can read all about it.  Anyway, I thought, “Well if she can do it, I can definitely do it,” and I have.

Not having played for cough-cough too many years, and not having the balance I used to have either (though really, I’m sure that wasn’t the problem!) I was crap.  I did score a goal though and I had so much fun I almost forgot I was running around for an hour.

So there you go, I’m fine.  And running around.  And making a few new friends in my new, slightly less lonely city.  :-)

[And yes, I did clear it with the GP.  We changed the meds today to ones I’m more comfortable with, and the haemoglobin is slowly climbing so everyone is happy and chilled!]

So if this makes you as happy as me – or is that the endorphins still in residence – then please can you vote for “Back to Netball” to get some National Lottery money?  It takes about 10 seconds to click here and then click on the Vote button.


Another day I’ll blog on what it’s like moving yourself lock, stock and barrel to a new city, where the people you brunch, lunch and supper with are not.  I’m not sure it’s part of the post-stroke story.  Except of course, it probably is.

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