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i just liked the picture…

… so I added it to the FAQs.

I also like the list because, at the good end of the scale they are all familiar, except the swallowing and not understanding.  If I don’t understand it’s because it wasn’t explained very well!

Oh, and I’m not counting the laughing at inappropriate moments, because I’ve always done that.

Mostly I’ve learned to hide it though. :-)

And no, I don’t know why I’m still awake either.

lifted from patient.co.uk


Brain Bruisers

The t-shirt and bag arrived today:


In other news, on the one month anniversary of all this… I discovered this morning that MRIs and Clexane were both introduced in the mid-1980’s.  So, I suppose if this had happened before then, I’d probably not be here by now.   Ho hum.  I probably ought to write a thank you note to whoever invented them.



Define problem, fix root cause, or implement workaround

I’ve been thinking about why walking is still an effort. The way I normally work – with anything, I suppose – is like this: (1) work out the cause of the problem, (2) fix the root cause (3) if fixing the root cause isn’t in my gift, implement a workaround.  It rarely fails.

Anyway, I’ve isolated the following issues:  below the knee my leg muscles feel slightly heavier than usual and this makes them slightly clumsier than usual.  (Hopefully you can’t tell any more, beyond me being a bit slower than usual, unless I’m walking down stairs whilst tired, in which case its still crashingly obvious). I’m aware my hips don’t feel quite normal, but it’s the legs that are going to make this work.  They need to feel more graceful in order to be faster and less deliberate.  Unfortunately, willing them to do that isn’t working.  So I imagine the connection is screwy.  So… either fix the connection or fix the muscles.   I think the connection is the long-term fix, given the kit it’s attached to is bruised, but I don’t know how to do that, so we move to option (3) the workaround. I’ve got an idea on that, but it all depends on whether I can get the powerplate so it will work on my legs without shaking my brain.  I’m assuming this is a can-do and will let you know how it goes.

(And, if you’re wondering, as I have, if I’ve got too much time on my hands to think about this, you’d be quite right.  If we could fix the grace thing though, then we could move on to the without-head-support next and, once resolved, I’d have a lot less time on my hands, cos I’d be out of my house all day!).

There’s also something that I wrote a few days ago that I’m trying to decide whether to press publish on.   As you know, I don’t quite know who’s reading this but I suspect enough time has passed that those who might’ve been offended by me saying ‘don’t do this again’ will have forgotten they did it, or at least the sting will have gone if I mention it.  (I won’t name names!)  I’ve read it back and it’s a bit of a rant.  I don’t really like rants.  Which is why I held it back. But the points are worth making for other people, so maybe I shall.  Anyway… it’s a fine balance on what to say and what not to say sometimes, just so you know.  So, if ever you think I’ve said something out of turn, do email me: I can always edit.  And it’s probably not about you anyway.

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