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INR = 2.4 (it’s steady!)

INR is at 2.4, so I don’t have to get that checked again for another month.  I’m also on a steady 9mg a day.  Apart from knowing where one is, it’s also useful in terms of prescription refills as I can just ask for packs of 3mg tablets.  In the past I’ve had shelves full of 5mg, 3mg and 3mg boxes so I can make up the right dose for the day.  I’m close to out of pills so I just asked for 288x 3mg.  Enough, for those of you working it out now, to last me to my next consult in May.

I’m hoping I can come off them then and we can put the whole thing to bed.



Just realised I forgot all the drugs last night.  Apparently I just ignore that dose now and tell them on Tuesday.



INR down

My INR has not gone up to reach the 2-3 range.  In fact, it has dropped, from 1.8 to 1.5.

This is getting a tad ridiculous.

The dose has gone up from this evening to 8.3mg.  The Clexane syringes, which I moved to the top of the bathroom cabinet, will reappear less than 3 hours after I put them away.

Will draw a new graph when I have regained the will to live.

p.s. I’m not serious about the end of that sentence, but it’s getting very boring.  I’m bruised, I bleed, but the INR isn’t up?  At least the Clexane is working, I suppose.

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