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The First 5 Day Week

It’s 5am on the Friday of my first 5 day week since October.

Normally I walk to and from work but I didn’t yesterday and I don’t suppose I will today. Some (non-medics) warned I might get really tired but that’s not really the issue.  It’s more that my balance gets tired by the end of the week so walking is harder.  I can still do it, it’s not like I’ve had to slow down again, but I’m aware of that my head is there again. It’s not like it was, i.e. it’s not really a problem, it just is.*

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Cyprus, here we come

Two things happened this evening that have made me smile.

The first is that my birthday present from my dad arrived today.  It included a text book for my dissertation.  It’s called “Managing Through Turbulent Times“.*

The second is that, over a bottle of wine and a thai takeout we booked a holiday.  I’m making use of the new travel insurance.  It’s not for a few weeks yet, and we had to change plans after we were warned Marrakech might not be such a good idea this week.  So… Cyprus, here we come.

I’m so excited.  It’s worse than Christmas.

this is where we are staying - hooray!!!


* Edit November 2010: if you’re reading the edits, you may be reading this in a different light… at the time nobody knew that I was going to be leaving my job of nearly a decade and I couldn’t share that on a public blog.  But it’s so weird to be looking back at what I did share while this was all going on!


Insurance: quick update

If i wanted a 9 day insurance policy to travel – 9 days only – then this is what it would cost, apparently:

Grounded in the UK.



Holidays and Travel Insurance

So, I’m assuming my annual travel insurance policy is now invalid.

pic stolen from villa-in-algarve.co.uk

click on pic to see where i stole it from

Ah the irony.  I’m studying for an MSc at the moment so some annual leave, many evenings and a good 2/3 of my weekends have included hardcore studying for the past two years.  This has meant minimal holiday time, and certainly no proper overseas ‘holidays’ as one would know it.  Usually I’m the one who can’t bear the thought of a do-nothing holiday but, right now, I’d love to be somewhere warm, beside a lovely pool, with lots of cold (mostly virgin) drinks on tap.  One of those places where you don’t have too walk to far to find nice food.  Heck, this month I won’t even be precious about having to explore.  But I can’t, because I don’t think I can get any sensible travel insurance.

by Stephane106 on flickr

That’s right. In excess of 2 months away from work and one can’t even say ‘ok, I might as well take a few days holiday’.  Oh I know, there’s the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, Jersey, Guensey and the Cotswolds.  But my vision isn’t of a roaring fire while rain smashes against a rustic window pane, lovely though that might be on a winter day in the UK.  There are last minute deals for holidays I’d normally never desire (like thisthis and even this!) and I’m longing for that feeling sunshine on my (albeit bruised up) belly while my toe is dipped in a warm-from-the-sun pool, waiting for my icy citrus mint punch to arrive.

The Stroke Association has an insurance supplier they link to for ‘specialist insurance for stroke survivors’.  But I can’t see that it’s any different from any of the other companies that say they cover things that have already happened. First, you try filling in the form. One gets stuck at ‘how many strokes have you had?’ Well, technically 3, but they all happened within 26 hours until they worked out I had a rogue clot in my neck and I think you actually mean how many stroke events, which would be 1.  If I click on 3 I’m pretty much uninsurable; if I click 1, and then need to claim for something, you’ll probably say the insurance is invalid.  Trying to fill in the form doesn’t matter anyway though, because no matter what I put in, it tells me I have to ring them to sort it out.

Perhaps I have to  consider that it may be better to do nothing for 3 months.  One can then at least tick a box to say you are, 3 months clear.  I suppose – in my case, because I am on the trial – I will have a scan then too so it may be that the clot may have gone which will also be good information for them.  Though I suspect once they click the ‘stroke’ box in their automated system, I – once again – get treated like an elderly, sick person.  They wouldn’t actually be able to consider my actual case on its on merits.  It’s an automated system, I’m afraid.  Computer says no.

I don't even like Little Britain...

Of course, I haven’t rung them yet.  Not my existing annual policy provider (because I’ve one experience of what happens when a big company ‘have to note that on the system’ already). (WHY did I ring them?!)  And it takes a rare moment to be steeled to make a call like that at the moment.  I’ve been sitting on the power company’s request for a meter reading for 3 days – negotiating with an insurance company will definitely take more effort than that!  And it’s not like I can get someone else to do it, if I want to convince them I’m not a bad risk to take.

Obviously, of course, this situation won’t last forever.  Probably.  I’m actually betting I’ll be able to sort out some kind of insurance so I can feel that sunshine.  Maybe in 3 months, you know, when I’m back at work.  Or maybe in 6, just as our own glorious summer begins.  As I said.  Maybe!

Still.  I’ve been looking for a bright side, and I’ve found one. Wanna hear it? Well, I don’t have to learn how to say, “I’m on warfarin and I’d rather not bleed to death, if that’s ok”.  I’ve already checked and this phrase isn’t in my “How to Survive in Five European Languages” book.  So that’s ok then.

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