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INR = 2.4 (it’s steady!)

INR is at 2.4, so I don’t have to get that checked again for another month.  I’m also on a steady 9mg a day.  Apart from knowing where one is, it’s also useful in terms of prescription refills as I can just ask for packs of 3mg tablets.  In the past I’ve had shelves full of 5mg, 3mg and 3mg boxes so I can make up the right dose for the day.  I’m close to out of pills so I just asked for 288x 3mg.  Enough, for those of you working it out now, to last me to my next consult in May.

I’m hoping I can come off them then and we can put the whole thing to bed.


Sorry i’ve neglected you

Yes, I’ve been neglecting you. I’m sorry.  I said it would trail off and it has!

I was asked today how often I was seeing medics.  The answer is that my INR checks are back to once a fortnight, for now.  I’m seeing my GP next week but then take it as it comes.  I’m seeing the neurologist and having another scan in May.  The plan is to come off the drugs in May.  That’s the bit I want.  Hopefully the weight will come off again then: I don’t like it.

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INR = 1.9 (too low…)

Yep, it’s been a month since they last checked and it’s now just below the threshold.  So now I’m back to a fortnightly check.  If I  were to hazard a guess I’d say it’s been bouncing around all month, as usual.  It doesn’t seem to make much difference: the dose might be stable now but I seem to make it bounce around.  Anyway, we’ll see in a couple of weeks.

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Don’t forget INR check on Wed

I have to set myself an alarm to remember I have an INR check appointment at 8.50 on Wednesday.  I’m on my last study day then and I’d completely forgotten about it.  It’s only because I’m low on blues that I remembered to check when it was.

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INR = 1.7

My target INR=2.5

My theraputic INR = 2-3

My actual INR = 1.7, down from 3 last week, i.e. it bounces around without apparent rhyme or reason.

Go figure!


The Christmas Eve Graph

INR check this morning.  It dropped.  I don’t really understand it.

I haven’t had any cranberries.  I have had very small amounts of green veg (salad actually) occasionally, but not much at all.  Yet it’s dropped to 2.1.  It needs to be kept between 2-3 and, because it’s still in range, they don’t seem worried.  The dose has not been changed.  The system, INR Star, says it doesn’t need checking again for a month but we’re actually going to check it on 4th Jan, which is the day the warfarin nurse gets back from Christmas.  I’ve not got a good feeling about that next check, as it’s a downward curve.  But we shall see, I suppose.  I think my neck is probably healed by now anyway, but it’s still not the most exciting position to be in for the next 11 days.  I have a box of Clexane syringes in the cupboard, but my bruises have only just really and truly disappeared and I’ve no desire to go back.

As a layperson, I’m also not rating INR Star.  Obviously I know nothing.  But there is clearly an unexplained drop in INR, it hasn’t changed the dose, and it suggested not checking again for another month.  That doesn’t seem like a very sensible or intelligent system to me.  Though I just found this FAQ thing – not on the INR Star site – which makes me wonder if they just haven’t customised the settings on the system for me…?  I’ll ask in January.

See, now I’m wondering if I should ask for it to be checked before 4 January.  But, well, the neck is probably healed anyway and the warfarin nurse didn’t seem at all worried that it would drop or anything, so maybe it’s just one of those things.

Diet Coke and stress, by the way, if anything – there isn’t much proof – raise INR, rather than make it drop.

Happy Christmas Eve!


INR = 2.4 :-)

Yep.  As of 08.50 this morning, the official INR reading is at 2.4.  This is well within the theraputic range of 2-3.  This means, for the first time in many weeks, I don’t need Clexane injections, and I don’t need to pack them to take with me for next week.  The clexes ended at Day 44!

Now… all I have to do it maintain it…!  I’ve not managed that before either, but I’m away next week so next check is Monday 13th.

Thanks for all the moral support.  Another barrier against normality is crushed.  Horaay!

And yes, as promised, I am having champagne for breakfast, having crawled back – albeit fully clothed – under the covers.

image stolen from mediabistro.com


Clexane: Day 44

I have an INR check at 08.50 in the morning.  On Monday it was up to 1.9, so it is almost certainly going to be over 2 tomorrow.  This means I will finally be able to ditch the daily 100mg Clexane injections.  This is timely, since I’ve run out of good sites on my belly.  The bruises are clustered, and the places that are not purple or yellow are ones I know will hurt, so I’d rather go over/between some of the older bruises!  Most people are on Clexane for 5 days, while the correct warfarin dose is reached, and then discontinued.  I’m on day 44.

!!!! DAY 44 !!!!

I think that’s quite enough, don’t you?  Besides, I have a brand new box of syringes and it would be nice to send them back unopened.  And I’m away at the residential thing next week, and I don’t want to take them too.  Enough already.  An INR over 2 is demanded.

And when this happens, my one allowed drink of the day will be spent on champagne.  At breakfast time. :-)

the end of the sharps bin..?!

Today was a thankfully lazy day.  We made bagels, from scratch, and they were yum.  We went to see a friend at work, we went for a beer.  Now I am on the couch in my pyjamas.  It’s been a lovely day.


Breaking News: INR up

To 1.9.  Ok, so it’s not quite 2, but it’s much better than the 1.5 of Wednesday and definitely an upward curve.  Waiting to hear if I need to carry on the Clexane jabs.  I suspect the answer is yes, but I’m sure that next check (on Friday) will show that I’m above 2 and on my way to 2.5 and that means I won’t need to pack syringes for MSc residential.  In the meantime, we wait for the call to see if i need to ask Hospital Number 2 to deliver another pack of Clexanes.

Update at 12.55: Clexane continues until I get to 2.0.


A picture paints a thousand words…

… and I have two, so why add to them.


Thankfully, my favourite people seem to be coming to me.  Thank you for that.

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